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Gavroche had no idea what Hermes was doing, that much was clear as the little thief watched the god talk to corner harlots. Surely, he must be thinking, a god like Hermes was hardly in need to paying for his sexual favors. He was handsome! But he did always think the fairer sex needed a bit of a boost sometimes. To help stand them up when men looked down on them so easily.

Aphrodite would have been proud.

“Why’d you do that, monsieur?” Gavroche asked as Hermes finally pulled away and pulled the little ghost along with him, like he was his little ghost terrier.

“Someone needs to encourage them,” he mused. “Who better than a charming thief?”

Gavroche seemed to think on this for a good while, but he nodded slowly. “You are very charming, oui.”

Hermes laughed, before scooping the boy up into his arms, “ I am, it is true. Besides, everyone should be told…every once in a while, that no one can hold them down. Especially sexually empowered women.”

“What’s that mean?”

“What does what mean?”

Gavroche hesitated for a moment, before he smiled, “sexually empowered…what does that mean exactly.”

Hermes laughed, ruffling his hair. “When you are older, Little Thief, you will understand.”

Smiling, the pair walked on, Hermes bouncing up onto the ledge of a fountain to dance along it as Gavroche laughed and clung to his shoulders. There was not a soul in the world that would keep these two down. That much was certain.
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