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Aug. 9th, 2009 09:03 pm
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Hermes knew Grantaire was watching him, even when the Frenchman tried so hard to not show it. It was simply one of those things, really. Everyone watching Hermes- how could you not? He was a beautiful example of Greek perfection. Eternally youthful, eyes bright, golden curls, a smile on his lips that enticed anyone to kiss them.

If only he wasn’t so painfully difficult to pin down. Such fleeting attentions.

But today he was he was Grantaire’s, today his attentions were singularly on the Frenchman. Turning he grinned at him, striking a pose for him as he dangled a bottle of wine between his fingers gingerly, a soft laugh dancing off his tongue as he started toward R.

“You look dour,” he mused as he slipped closer, dipping his head down to steal a sweet kiss from the man’s lips before he pulled away to cup R’s face with a hand. “Don’t be so dour, precious…”

“You confuse me so,” Grantaire said softly, “you could have anyone much prettier than me.”

“Who says you aren’t pretty?”

Everyone….” Grantaire gave Hermes a look, but the god merely laughed and shook his head. Oh no, little French, not today. Today? Hermes was intent on making you feel like a god.

“No, not everyone…” Hermes laughed before happily slipped to the side and settled on the couch next to R, a lovely boy posed just so as he looked up through his lashes at the Frenchman. “I don’t think that…”

“You are a liar…”

Non, amour. I tell no lies, never.” He grinned again, watching the way Grantaire tried to reason it out before he grew impatient and slipped a hand behind R’s neck. “Shh, this is where you stop…and kiss me, mon amour.”
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