For Enjy

Aug. 9th, 2009 09:29 pm
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He stood on a box in the middle of the square, watching the world pass him by as Enjolras sat on the ground with his head hanging low. He almost felt sympathy for the Frenchman. No, well…he did, but he saw no reason to tell Enjy that.

Instead he held his arms out wide and looked up to the sky and smiled. He could tell Enjy of his pity, but the boy would only scoff, maybe even blame him! But Hermes didn’t really see the point of wasting such a pleasant afternoon. After all, the dead and the eternal really couldn’t be bothered by the living.

There was nothing they could do for them anymore.

“Did it truly not matter?” Enjy asked suddenly, causing Hermes to blink before dropping his arms and looking down.


“Did we really not matter to these people? Is this all that has become of our revolution?” Enjy stood and waved his hand around at the people that passed them by without notice. Curiously Hermes looked around, head tilting to the side.

“What did you expect?”

“Change! Revolution!”

“You should have lived, then, if that was all you sought. The dead don’t mean anything, Enjolras. I told you that…” Hermes gave the boy a sad look, before hopping off the box and starting to wander through the people gathered. “The dead are forgotten, for really what can they do when buried beneath the ground?”

“So we died for nothing?”

“You died for your cause, and you cause died with you.” Hermes shrugged. “Noble deeds are oft interred with bones, Enjolras. Only misdeeds out live us all.”

Enjy seemed to sulk, turning from the god and to stare across the square. He seemed troubled, but really what could Hermes do for him? He had never listened in life, he surely wouldn’t do so in death.

“You should go, Enjy…”

“Don’t call me that.”

“You should go, all the same. The Gates of your lord are waiting….”

Enjolras looked back at him, as if surprised that the god would dare to mention the One God, the one Hermes had always seemed to have bitter loathing for. “I cannot, not yet at least.”

“You can’t do anymore here, Little French. You will never find your peace here….”

Frowning Enjy stared at him, before stalking off muttering. Oh well, Hermes thought sadly, at least….at least he wasn’t totally alone. Hermes would still come to visit, even if Enjy wished he wouldn’t.
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