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Finding a new me? Not easy...

OOC: For the unaware, we recently decided that there were simply too many Alex Pettyfers running around in the RP world to continue to use Alex as a PB. The final nail came about when some other mentioned to me that they'd almost commented to other characters thinking it was Hermes, only to realize it wasn't. While I'm all for random lolz on the PB 'you look like me' front, there comes a point when it is just too much.

As such...we've change PBs. Sort of. We're are still looking because neither I, nor the section of brain that Hermes resides in, have found a PB we've absolutely adored. People are welcome to come up with suggestions? But for now we are going with some mixed PB choices.

:D Carry on.
msg_ina_bottle: (but I didn't mean to)
Think I should grow-up, this time.
msg_ina_bottle: (uh you want to what?)
What's in a name? Seriously?....Everything.
msg_ina_bottle: (uh you want to what?)
I didn't do it! I swear!
msg_ina_bottle: (you did not just say that)
I am Dolios, Mercurius, et al. Need to work on shorter list...
msg_ina_bottle: (chewy thumb)
I'm so lame, disappearing godly lame.
msg_ina_bottle: (uh yeah ok)
I'm gonna get myself in trouble...
msg_ina_bottle: (I'm excited and can't hide it)
Fear Me: I have the [Shiny].
msg_ina_bottle: (excuse me)
Trust me, I don't [taste good]...
msg_ina_bottle: (well if i looked like you?)
Like talking to a toad, he is.
msg_ina_bottle: (yes I am hot)
Yes, I'm the center of attention...
msg_ina_bottle: (sex god)
I'm not the pool-boy, you know.
msg_ina_bottle: (arms crossed)
Why am I always listed last?
msg_ina_bottle: (adult: Mmm yeah I didn't think about tha)
It's all about the damn APPLE!
msg_ina_bottle: (ok you caught me)
Spank me, been a bad boy.
msg_ina_bottle: (do you really want to fight?)
Back off, Uncle. She’s my sister…
msg_ina_bottle: (well if i looked like you?)
Drama is a way of life...
msg_ina_bottle: (abs)
I'm a genie, rub me anyway...
msg_ina_bottle: (abs)
Toxic chocolate makes for weird conversation.


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