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Olympus Burning!

Reports are flooding in from all corners of the mountain, temples burning! Gardens destroyed! What is this mayhem?

At approximately 2:30 God Standard Time, a lightening bolt was aimed at the Temple of War, where it is believe Ares, the Greek God of War, was in residence. No injuries have been reported at this time; however, extensive damage was done in the initial attack.

Two minutes later, a return fire was reported to over shoot Zeus’ temple and strike Demeter’s garden sending it up in flames. The fighting then escalated as Demeter returned fire, striking another temple, and so forth until the whole mountain seemed to be ablaze!

The chaos that ensued soon broke into isolated fighting between god and goddesses. Aphrodite was seen pulling at Artemis’ hair, Athena was besting Ares with a staff, Zeus was chasing as penguin…(we prefer not to question why.)

As the sun set, Helios was quick to join Apollo as he fired silver arrows at Underworlders, playing some twisted form of a carnival duck game.

Authorities say order should be returned soon, and that responsible parties will be punished. Suspects have been named, but there is yet to be any firms leads.

Reporting from Mount Olympus,

Tricky little bastard Hermes.


Greek Mythology
word count: 210
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Seduction. Have you ever seduced someone or has anyone ever seduced you?

He smiled softly, his eyes half-closed with a devious glint. It wasn’t that he couldn’t find more things to do, better things to do. There was Zeus to follow about, do the bidding of. The whole of Olympus to deliver messages for…

“Hey beautiful…” He whispered, leaning in closer to brush his lips against her soft check. She was so enchanting. So…breath-taking. Not the same as Aphrodite, nor Psyche. She was…

Mortal beauty that could stop the heavens and the earth, and he held her close. She seduced him without trying, without meaning…and for a moment he didn’t want to take her to Troy. Why should youth, vigor and lips such as her’s be wasted on a foolish boy?

Why shouldn’t they be wasted on him instead?

She turned to him with mouse eyes, and waited as he took her in his arms. Promised her to Troy’s Prince and stole her away. Oh the war this would cause….

He could stop it all by just taking her to his bed instead.

If only Aphrodite wouldn’t kill him for not doing as she commanded. “Troy is so undeserving.” He murmured, shaking his head sadly.


Greek Mythology
word count: 193
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Old acquaintance

“Checkmate,” the ghost across from him beamed, Hermes staring at the board as he tried to figure out how the man did it.

“You cheated…”

“Master Hermes, I would never try to cheat a god. Even if I were already dead…” The ghost grinned before pulling himself up and standing, smoothing his robes down as he smirked at the God. “Lord Hermes, do not look so stricken. Even a mortal is allowed to out smart a god from time to time.”

“Yeah, only if his name is Plato,” Hermes muttered moodily, knocking his king over with a huff as he glanced toward the smiling Ghost.

“Then, I suppose it is a good thing my name is Plato.” He laughed again, before eying the youthful god with a smile. This was an unusual sight, to say the least. So clever, he out clevered himself…so to speak. “My Lord, it isn’t that you couldn’t have won. It is that you…didn’t think you could lose.”

Plato paused for a moment, before leaning over the chess table and smiled. “I didn’t beat you, Lord Hermes…You beat yourself.”


Greek Mythology
word count: 183
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What are you afraid of?

Afraid? Me? HA! I challenge Death to chess games and win, I out wit Ares daily, and I face off with Hera without breaking a sweat! And you want to know what I’m afraid of? Please, what could possible scare me?

Well, aside from…



I don’t like balloons. When they pop it always makes me jump. And, I don’t like chains, unless it is in a totally kinky way. And I don’t like chew toys for dogs…that is more personal though, shh.

I can’t say I know what scares me. I’ve done to much to be scared really…

And besides, why should I tell you? What if you tried to trick me, eh? I mean a God in a jar? Wouldn’t that be something for you? The giants tried that once, were so totally going to eat Ares-Bo-Berries, and Ha…So didn’t work.

Not like Heph and the net trap…

I digress.

Um, yeah. Can’t think of anything. I do know what Loki is afraid of though…want to hear?


Greek Mythology
word count: 170


Dec. 5th, 2007 04:27 pm
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Control was sticking your fingers in the pot and stirring to your hearts content. At least, for Hermes that was what he imagined it was. It was easy to think that when you were him though, the ever present voice of business reason with the much-longer-than-needed sense of humor.

Ultimately, though, Hermes would define control as having the ball in your own court. That those with the power, sometimes were not the ones handling the power… He could prove it too. It was just a matter of a well placed whisper, a smoke-and-mirrors hand gesture, and an ever so innocent smile.

Zeus was father and king, but Hermes was known to possess more secretly than any save the fates. Wily and tricksome, the Herald was not quite what he seemed. Youth was a mask to hide subtly, humor to mask his deadly wit.

Oh yes, he stuck his fingers where they didn’t belong. He stirred the pot, and he sat back as everyone scrambled….He couldn’t tell a lie, but no one ever seemed to think to ask him why things seemed to be happening at chance.

There loss, now wasn’t it?


Greek Mythology
word count: 191
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What do you live for?

Hermes was in the moment of pure, unadulterated joy right then. The wind whistling past his ears, hair whipped back as the North Wind blew storm closed across the sky, trying to chase the golden hair messenger. It was what he lived for, the thrill of a chase, the excitement…

Boreas hated that Hermes, swift son of Zeus, could out race his cold northern wind. It seemed to enrage him. But then most of Olympus hated something or another that Hermes did.

Races up the steps of the Mount, Hermes giggled as he raced by a group of nymphs. He rounded the corner and cut through Hera’s garden, and used Ares’ statue to lunch himself into the air.

He was a joy spirit, there was little hiding that. He could be as old as Gaia, and the boy would never be older than a youth in spirit.

He lived to cause trouble, to makes things right. He liked to laugh, and he liked others to laugh…

And sometimes, in those moments when he was somber and serious, he would admit that he lived because the world still needed him. Because he needed the world…


Greek Mythology
word count: 194
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Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane. (Philip K. Dick)

Reality is insanity! Gods be damned, but it is! I mean, dude, think about it. You have like all these gods that do not give a damn (and they don’t) about you, you have chaos in the world, blood! Mayhem! Insanity!

Ok, right…So dramatics aside.

Everyone is a touch mad, and if you lie about it…well you are a liar. Not that I care, really. They say I taught mankind, women, to lie. Damn good trait if you ask me. Though, a bit ironic when you think about it.

Anyway, the point is this. If you can’t have fun, then what is the point? Insanity, or rather the act of pretending to understand the world in such a manner that is outside the norm (which, I hereby declare is how insanity is defined) is nothing short of an interesting pastime.

Pigs fly! Look at that! INSANITY!

Who cares?

Though, right off the point.

Assuming I have a point, which I most likely so not. (Such is common place in my mind, trust me on this).

There was this one time, back in the hay-day of the Greeks, that some no-named knock off tried to claim to be a God. His name, I will not mention Hercules. He was all, “yeah! I’m the son of Zeus! YEAH!”

Right, so that is the basics of it.

Dude was fucking mental, though. Tossed some king in a barn to totally be eaten by horses, and man…ok so like I had this kid, and he was hanging out with the guy (don’t ask, I was highly against it), and guy got my kid killed! Ug!

Anyway, so Boy-o Hercules does this whole, “I’m to save the world, ja!” (Think Arnold Swartzenager, folks), and yet he hasn’t a brain the size of a pea! My thumb could out smart him. And he does like these seven task things which are lame to begin with, and then goes insane, kills his mortal wifey-chick.


Dies and becomes a God.


Big-Guy? TOTALLY lost it on this one man. I think Hera drugged him, seriously. Because if that is not the most inane, insane shit ever? I don’t know what is.

Hercules Dumb-o the God. Heh.

It is like Comedy Central live on Olympus every night!


Greek Myth
word count: 380
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Write about something you lost.

Royal flush... )


Greek Mythology
word count: 411
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You've woken up as the opposite sex this morning... now what?

He was stretching, a yawn catching him breathless as long, lean muscles pulled taut over his bones. Normally he’d think nothing of the morning except to think it came too soon. He was a god, after all, and thus found that a lack of responsibility left him with an over abundant enjoyment of leisure. Like a cat, he enjoyed basking in the warmth of the morning sun…

Only this morning there was something…missing. And, unless he was insane, there was something added, as well. The particular tight feeling across his chest was an added bobble, as if flesh were perturbing off his chest. Bouncing, almost. Strange…

As for what was missing? Well, there was a lack of something rather important weight. It was neither to the right or left, or there…at all. Brow knotting into a close knit mask of confusion, Hermes sat up, and promptly opened his eyes to inspect the iss-

Uh... )
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Is there anyone in your life who you feel is exceptionally wise? Who, and how did you meet this person?

Exceptionally wise? No, not really. But perhaps that is because no one is ever wise. No, I take that back. The wise are boring, and the most boring person I know if Athena. So you could say that she is the most exceptionally wise person I know.

But you want to know how I met her? Well, for one she is my sister. For another, we live on the same rock pointing into the sky…

Anyway, that’s not the important gist of this is it? How did I meet her? Well, I was born, I stole some cows, I was given a job, I show up for said job…

And the woman hit me with her sword thing.

Hit me, because she was all “I am the companion of justice,” blah blah blah blah. She was all pissed off that I’d gotten clean away with stealin’ some cows and sucking up to the big guy. So her whole ‘I’m wise and always right’ crap is just hiding the jealousy issue she has.

I’m telling you, since the day I was born, that woman has had issues with me. Calls me irresponsible, mischievous, loud and obnoxious. Hell, even if half of that was true (and it is) it is a whole lot better than being boring! I mean, come on. How much more boring can she get? No fun, no laughing, no smiling always “rules this, rules that”.


ooc: Life finally stopped long enough to think.

A Paradox

Sep. 6th, 2007 05:14 pm
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"The true magic of this broken world lay in the ability of the things it contained to vanish, to become so thoroughly lost, that they might never have existed in the first place." The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, by Michael Chabon.

A paradox. That was how Hermes would describe the world around him, the way people interacted with him. He was a direct contradiction to everything they believed, and yet somehow not all at once. A truth that was proven in the physical sense, and disproven in the space of a heart beat, here and not here.

His existence was a paradox, for the idea of a God, born, created in this world was akin to the proverb “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” After all, what did come first, Mankind, or God? He wasn’t real, after all, the way humanity was real. He did not suffer the way they suffered, did not bleed and they bled, and he did not breath, eat, sleep, bath, anything that was, in a word, existence except to be. He had no appearance, save how he chose to appear. He was both the clay and molder, and yet…more and still significantly less.

You see, the clay does not cease to exist simply because you choose not to believe in it. It exist, it is. Physical, tangible and always there. It does not move, it does not change, it does not disappear.

But a god? A moves, changes, disappears. Like all Gods, Hermes vanished for a time, dormant, forgotten… He faded into something that was less real, a ghosted memory that haunted the empty, vacant hills of Greece, echoed challenges that fell on deft ears.

He could recall the creation of mankind as if it had occurred but yesterday, his hands dipping into the molds and helping to birth creation. He remembers this as distinctly as he remembers being born. Only, he too remembers being raised by a goodly King. Mortal, human, limited. So then, which memory is true? And why is it that the fundamental facts of truth and lie are not discernable to him…

Was he created by Zeus, born to a Godly host and raised as all Gods were, or was he a dream created by a lonely shepherd boy who traveled the road to Damascus?

Who’s reality was reality? And who really had to the power, God or Man? Thus, the Paradox of the world. Where belief means that something exist, and murder is done each day that one forgets another. A stake driven through the heart.

Oh yes, it was the greatest, and most tragic magic of the world…the ability to forget that the very blocks on which it was built...cease to exist.

Greek Mythology
word count: 414
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Write a letter to anyone about anything. Say what you have always wanted to say but have been afraid to.

Dearest, most treasured asshole,

I know that you value, with a pure, unadulterated affection, your job with Disney’s 2D animation department. In fact, I find this treasured job of yours to be most amusing on a technical view point, and likewise enjoyed it greatly when you depicted some fellow immortals with comical, pissing-in-my-pants worthy, noses and pink hair…

However, I really have to ask, because the soul buried deep within that actually professes to care about your pathetic mortal lives, wants to know…

Cut for Length and Language. )


Greek Mythology
Word Count: 699
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Picture prompt: Write a ficlet inspired by the following image: Forest & Creek

His foot slipped once, pitching him forward as he tried to vault himself over the stream. Instead he became a sort of mess water and algae as he came to a sputtering stop. That certainly wasn’t what he had, had planned.

There were, of course, giggles and sounds of amused, tickled laughter that trickled through the peaceful woods, tapping him along the shoulders and hips as he tried to get his footing again. Stupid nymphs. They loved to point and laugh, but rarely, very rarely did they ever consider the fact that they should be equal opportunity. Laughing at one of them usually involved catching them.

Never mind that he had been trying to do just that when he fell.

“Yeah, yeah…laugh it up.” He muttered, sloshing his way out of the flowing water and to the forested embankment. At least it was mostly plush, mostly green, as he flopped down and lifted up his sandal to inspect it. Mmm, ruined. Wonderful, yet again. “Just once it would be nice for things to go my way,” he mumbled as he glanced about, where was he anyway.

“I think I hurt myself, are you all very happy now?” They laughed some more as he grumpily shook his head, frowning and fuming. This wasn’t exactly how he’d planned his day to go. It wasn’t how he’d planned it at all. “Well, fine, if none of you want to come make any of it better,” they laughed harder, “then I’ll go find someone that will.”

One of Love’s court would probably do it. Pet him, lavish affection upon him. Ah, to be adored by the most affectionate of people. It always left you with a fall back.

Waiting a few more moments, he hunted the area for the elusive nymphs, before finally giving up and disappearing from the forest floor. He left the broken sandal behind as a trophy for the girls…He’d win, eventually.


Greek Mythology
Word Count: 321
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Write about a recurring dream you've had. (Or, if you've never had one, write about the most vivid dream you can remember.)

Dear Pig-faced, Archibald Cannabis the Fourth,

I regret to inform his royal shininess, and master of the huge prick, I mean sword, that his father no longer wishes to count him among the glorious twelve masters. (That means, Archie, that he’s not one of the important people anymore.) Now the bottle-nosed arsehole might be wondering just why that is, that he who can fuck a goat (poor goat, the sheer brutality of it) and get rammed by the sharp in of a sword at the same time, might possibly be kicked off his wittle throne of bleeding ulcers…

Well I’ll be happy to inform his fuck-tardness why! You see, Arse…chum, pal. You’re a class-A one of a kind idiot! You know I really think the best part of this is the part where the Prometheus’s spot on the rock is where Pops decided to plop you! Isn’t it great?

Just think, we’ll get to see each other twice a day. Dawn and sundown. Excellent. You can tell me how my routine is going. I seriously think I have to work on the stand up. Its getting pretty old.

Ah well. I do hope it doesn’t put you off the rest of the day.

Your loving brother,


P.S. I totally want your temple space. It is bigger than mine, and I think I need an upgrade. Cheerieo!

Mmmm, now that? That was an excellent sort of dream, wasn’t it?


Greek Mythology
239 Words


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