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May. 19th, 2010 05:05 am
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You've got something ya wanna say?

Come on my sugar, and let me know. ;D
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There are those who try to imitate, those that try to duplicate, and those that wish to replicate the finest quality of Smiting prowess that is,well...Me. But let me be sure to tell you, one and all, there is no replacing Hermes, the finest Smiter of all.

Smiter, Smoter...Smite- Whatever.

So, folks, step right up...You know this drill. You got a girlfriend you want to get even with? Give her some buck teeth for Christmas, what a present! Have a boss that's been a thorn in your ass? Put a bee in his bonnet for real. You office time antics, family gathering spice, and everything very naughty, and rarely very nice can all be found here! In your one stop shop for all your smiting needs.

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1. Put your iTunes on shuffle and take the first 25 songs it gives you.
2. Link to the lyrics
3. Let your friends assign you a song to write a drabble to.
4. Post this to your own journal

1. Crawling- Linking Park

2. Nobody Knows- Pink

3. Riot- Three Days Grace

. Push- Matchbox Twenty

5. Ya Viene la Vieja

6. House in the Woods- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

7. Prolouge- Loreena McKennitt

<8. Buried Alive By Love- H.I.M. (yeah, don't ask okay.)

9. Stupid Memory- Sondre Lerche

10. Reckless- Papa Roach

11. John, Let me Go- Sondre Lerche and The Faces Down

12. In a Graveyard- Rufus Wainwright

13. Honky Tonk Man- Johnny Horton

14. Walk Away- Christina Aguilera

15. Starling- Tori Amos

16. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter In A Small Town- Pearl Jam

17. Dangerous Game- 3 Doors Down

18. Smile- Jane Birkin and Brian Molko

19. Your Congratulations- Alanis Morissette

20. The Width of a Circle- David Bowie

21. Go- Pearl Jam

22. Like Lazenby- Sondre Lerche

23. Links 2 3 4- Rammstein

24. Totalimmortal- AFI

25. For What I Feel- United (there are no lyrics, you get a song for this one. Well there are lyrics, they just aren't online or something.)


You can choose this to be with Hermes, OR with any of the following (just let me know).

Tucker (OC) | [ profile] tuckdonovan
Percy (OC) | [ profile] silenziosa_odio
Caligua(OC) | [ profile] morallydefunct
Leon (FOC)| [ profile] mightbeclever/[ profile] mightbedead
Cillian(FOC)| [ profile] playkeepaway
Leland (MS) | [ profile] avengemyfather
Romeo (MS) | [ profile] talksofnothing

And if you ask nicely, another one if you can name them.


Nov. 4th, 2009 12:12 am
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So, after long hours of hunting, and wanting a new face for Hermes instead of a handful of stocks. I give up. Mostly because Alex Pettyfer is just...the right face in my head. His over use seems to have died down a bit, or at least over of them have gone elsewhere, and people have encouraged me to return to Pettyfer...

So call me Fickle.

But I am. <.<

I can't find a better one, really.
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Attention whore? Me? You've no idea.

For Enjy

Aug. 9th, 2009 09:29 pm
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He stood on a box in the middle of the square, watching the world pass him by as Enjolras sat on the ground with his head hanging low. He almost felt sympathy for the Frenchman. No, well…he did, but he saw no reason to tell Enjy that.

Instead he held his arms out wide and looked up to the sky and smiled. He could tell Enjy of his pity, but the boy would only scoff, maybe even blame him! But Hermes didn’t really see the point of wasting such a pleasant afternoon. After all, the dead and the eternal really couldn’t be bothered by the living.

There was nothing they could do for them anymore.

“Did it truly not matter?” Enjy asked suddenly, causing Hermes to blink before dropping his arms and looking down.


“Did we really not matter to these people? Is this all that has become of our revolution?” Enjy stood and waved his hand around at the people that passed them by without notice. Curiously Hermes looked around, head tilting to the side.

“What did you expect?”

“Change! Revolution!”

“You should have lived, then, if that was all you sought. The dead don’t mean anything, Enjolras. I told you that…” Hermes gave the boy a sad look, before hopping off the box and starting to wander through the people gathered. “The dead are forgotten, for really what can they do when buried beneath the ground?”

“So we died for nothing?”

“You died for your cause, and you cause died with you.” Hermes shrugged. “Noble deeds are oft interred with bones, Enjolras. Only misdeeds out live us all.”

Enjy seemed to sulk, turning from the god and to stare across the square. He seemed troubled, but really what could Hermes do for him? He had never listened in life, he surely wouldn’t do so in death.

“You should go, Enjy…”

“Don’t call me that.”

“You should go, all the same. The Gates of your lord are waiting….”

Enjolras looked back at him, as if surprised that the god would dare to mention the One God, the one Hermes had always seemed to have bitter loathing for. “I cannot, not yet at least.”

“You can’t do anymore here, Little French. You will never find your peace here….”

Frowning Enjy stared at him, before stalking off muttering. Oh well, Hermes thought sadly, at least….at least he wasn’t totally alone. Hermes would still come to visit, even if Enjy wished he wouldn’t.

For R

Aug. 9th, 2009 09:03 pm
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Hermes knew Grantaire was watching him, even when the Frenchman tried so hard to not show it. It was simply one of those things, really. Everyone watching Hermes- how could you not? He was a beautiful example of Greek perfection. Eternally youthful, eyes bright, golden curls, a smile on his lips that enticed anyone to kiss them.

If only he wasn’t so painfully difficult to pin down. Such fleeting attentions.

But today he was he was Grantaire’s, today his attentions were singularly on the Frenchman. Turning he grinned at him, striking a pose for him as he dangled a bottle of wine between his fingers gingerly, a soft laugh dancing off his tongue as he started toward R.

“You look dour,” he mused as he slipped closer, dipping his head down to steal a sweet kiss from the man’s lips before he pulled away to cup R’s face with a hand. “Don’t be so dour, precious…”

“You confuse me so,” Grantaire said softly, “you could have anyone much prettier than me.”

“Who says you aren’t pretty?”

Everyone….” Grantaire gave Hermes a look, but the god merely laughed and shook his head. Oh no, little French, not today. Today? Hermes was intent on making you feel like a god.

“No, not everyone…” Hermes laughed before happily slipped to the side and settled on the couch next to R, a lovely boy posed just so as he looked up through his lashes at the Frenchman. “I don’t think that…”

“You are a liar…”

Non, amour. I tell no lies, never.” He grinned again, watching the way Grantaire tried to reason it out before he grew impatient and slipped a hand behind R’s neck. “Shh, this is where you stop…and kiss me, mon amour.”
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Gavroche had no idea what Hermes was doing, that much was clear as the little thief watched the god talk to corner harlots. Surely, he must be thinking, a god like Hermes was hardly in need to paying for his sexual favors. He was handsome! But he did always think the fairer sex needed a bit of a boost sometimes. To help stand them up when men looked down on them so easily.

Aphrodite would have been proud.

“Why’d you do that, monsieur?” Gavroche asked as Hermes finally pulled away and pulled the little ghost along with him, like he was his little ghost terrier.

“Someone needs to encourage them,” he mused. “Who better than a charming thief?”

Gavroche seemed to think on this for a good while, but he nodded slowly. “You are very charming, oui.”

Hermes laughed, before scooping the boy up into his arms, “ I am, it is true. Besides, everyone should be told…every once in a while, that no one can hold them down. Especially sexually empowered women.”

“What’s that mean?”

“What does what mean?”

Gavroche hesitated for a moment, before he smiled, “sexually empowered…what does that mean exactly.”

Hermes laughed, ruffling his hair. “When you are older, Little Thief, you will understand.”

Smiling, the pair walked on, Hermes bouncing up onto the ledge of a fountain to dance along it as Gavroche laughed and clung to his shoulders. There was not a soul in the world that would keep these two down. That much was certain.
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Finding a new me? Not easy...

OOC: For the unaware, we recently decided that there were simply too many Alex Pettyfers running around in the RP world to continue to use Alex as a PB. The final nail came about when some other mentioned to me that they'd almost commented to other characters thinking it was Hermes, only to realize it wasn't. While I'm all for random lolz on the PB 'you look like me' front, there comes a point when it is just too much.

As such...we've change PBs. Sort of. We're are still looking because neither I, nor the section of brain that Hermes resides in, have found a PB we've absolutely adored. People are welcome to come up with suggestions? But for now we are going with some mixed PB choices.

:D Carry on.
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Boston was a good place to bring trolls from the grand ole underworld, right? Well Hermes certainly thought as much as he looked his flat over once more, eying things that seemed to just slightly off kilter.

Not the Azy was going to care. He was, after all, only making amends for a prank. A damn fine prank too.

Who said the Greeks didn’t have humor? Whoever said it obviously had never met Hermes, which was pretty unbelievable. Hermes was easily the most personable of the lot!

Well, all that aside…It was time for his house guest to arrive.
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[Poll #1410619]
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His shirt came off as Devon pulled him down on the bed, his hands sliding up the man's chest as he pulled off the shirt. He smirked, leaning in to Devon as he put a knee on the bed beside. This was how he liked his days to start, or end...which ever it was that came first.

"Not everyday a man gets to claim this," he teased a little, putting hand on Devon's chest. He pushed him back against the bed, leaning down to kiss his lips softly as his hands traveled across the man's body, exploring and teasing.


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